live.code.festival, 19-21 April 2013, Karlsruhe


The full performance line-up for the live.code.festival in Karlsruhe is now available, go and check it out! The organisers (led by members of Benoit and the Mandelbrots) have put huge efforts into putting together a really great line-up, which has been peer reviewed by the community, and reaches across acoustic (via a disclavier performance), electro-acoustic, laptop ensemble and algorave contexts, and beyond. Although there have been international gatherings before, Changing Grammars in 2004, LOSS Livecode in Sheffield in 2007, and /* vivo */ in Mexico City 2012, the live.code.festival will certainly be the biggest so far. Live coders and other interested parties will be travelling from across the world, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Mexico and the UK (where have we forgotten?). This is going to be quite some weekend, and you can fully expect new ideas and collaborations to flow forth afterwards.

With this, the LIVE workshop, the Dagstuhl seminar, and the Computer Music Journal special issue in production, 2013 is shaping up very nicely.

Here’s the live.code.festival line-up so far. A list of all talks was also published recently.

Concert Artists

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