It’s a big week for live coding in France!

Last week it was /* VIU */ in Barcelona, this week it’s France!


  • Live Coding Study Day April 23, 2024
    Organizers: Raphaël Forment, Agathe Herrou, Rémi Georges
    • 2 Academic sessions
    • Speakers: Julian RohrhuberYann Orlarey, and Stéphane Letz
    • Evening concert, featuring performances selected by Artistic Director Rémi Georges balancing originality with a mix of local French and international artists. Lineup: Jia Liu (GER), Bruno Gola (Brazil/Berlin), Adel Faure (FR), ALFALFL (FR), Flopine (FR).

      “While international networks centered on live-coding have been established for nearly 20 years through the TOPLAP collective, no academic event has ever taken place in France on this theme. The goal of this study day is to put in motion a national research network connected to its broader european and international counterparts.”

  • Algorave in Lyon April 27 – 28 (12 hrs!) Live Streamed to
    The 12 hour marathon Algorave is emerging as a unique French specialty (or maybe they just enjoy self-inflicted exhaustion…) Last year was a huge success so the team is back at it for more! 24 sound and/or visual artists including: th4, zOrg, Raphaël Bastide, Crash Server, Eloi el bon Noi, Adel Faure, Fronssons, QBRNTHSS, Bubobubobubo, azertype, eddy flux, + many more.

    Rave on!

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