Livecodefest done

IOhannes m zmölnig

festival weekendFull props to the organisers, that was an incredible, difficult-to-summarise live.code.festival  of great people, food, beer, slides, and of course presentations and dizzying variety of excellent performances. As David put it over on the livecode list, “I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to seeing how the energy and exchange of ideas it generated ripples out into the wide world”.

There was quite a bit of documenting going on, and edited video will likely appear on-line soon. For an early taste of what went on, check out the live blogging from Charles (including a reflection on his own excellent and illuminating analogue synth live patching performance), the summary from Dave, and this video of Mico Rex at the algorave, which went off spectacularly (note most of the sound is in the sub bass).


Would any computer music symposium seriously cope without an algorave after that?

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