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This has been a super busy month for live coding, and I haven’t had much time to update this lately. If you want to contribute live coding news let me know and I’ll make you an account.

Anyway here’s some updates..

Welcome to Cyril, a live coding language for visuals inspired by livecodelab, and based on openframeworks:

Welcome also to Worp a new music live coding language for Lua lovers! In their own words:

Worp supports live coding through the use of a plug-in for your favourite editor (if your favourite editor is Vim).


The TOPLAP-affiliated Algorave concept has been spreading, with events popping up in Mexico City, Barcelona, London, Sheffield, Toronto, Hamilton, Sydney, Karlsruhe, Brighton, Birmingham and Ljubljana. It’s got some press, too:

We also got on Slovenian television: (starts 16m27s, Slovene with some interviews in English)

Meta-eX have been touring around, and did a nice article for (German text, English video).

While I’m here, let me point at my calendar of events, busy times!

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