Live coding on Arte TV


Tracks is a music culture TV programme that has been airing across both France and Germany since 1997, on the independent and excellent Arte channel dedicated to arts and culture. Tonight (25th January 2014) they’re featuring live coding and algorave as part of a geek special, with interviews from Benoit and the Mandelbrots, Alexandra Cardenas, and myself Alex McLean. They have a preview article here, with bonus interviews from Alexandra and the Mandelbrots.

The show airs at the following times (central european time):
Germany 23:35h 25th Jan 2014, and repeats 01:30h, 31st Jan 2014
France 00:05, 25 Jan 2014 (oops missed it already) and repeats 02:05h, 31st Jan 2014

Update: You can watch it on the Arte website here, but it seems it’s restricted to people in France and Germany.

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