FIBER+STEIM Algorave + live coding weekend, March 21-23


It’s all happening in Amsterdam this coming weekend, thanks to a collaboration between FIBER and STEIM, and the Coded Matter(s) series of events.

Friday 21st March – Introductory algorave live coding with supercollider workshop in STEIM, lead by Roald van Dillewijn, Tijs Ham and Eric Magnée, collectively known as The Void*.

Saturday 22nd March (day) – More advanced working with live instruments with supercollider workshop, again in STEIM, lead by Matthew Yee-King.

Saturday 22nd March (night) – The first Algorave in the Netherlands. Yeah! Featuring The Void*, LUUMA, Exoterrorism, Shelly Knotts and Canute (Matthew Yee-King and myself). All the profiles are here:

Sunday 23rd March – A small algorave/live coding symposium in STEIM, with talks from Marcel Wierckx and myself, and a performance by Marije Baalman (who will use the sound of herself typing as source material..).

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