Newcastle+Gateshead activities

This weekend (26-27th April 2014), the 10K+ attendees to the UK’s national maker faire in Newcastle will be able to visit the TOPLAP and stand chat with some fine live coders; Holger Ballweg (of Benoit and the Mandelbrots), Shelly Knotts (of BiLE), Chad McKinney (of Glitch Lich), myself Alex McLean (of Slub, etc) and possibly more.. Shelly and I will also both be performing during the Makerfaire.

On the Saturday night (April 26th) we’ll be joining more live coders (hellocatfood! section_9! sick lincoln! sinewulf!) and other weird sound and vision makers for an Algorave, just a short walk across the bridge to the Old Police House in Gateshead. It’ll start from 10pm, full info here.

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