CFP: Live Coding and Collaboration symposium


Live Coding and Collaboration symposium: Call for papers

University of Birmingham, on 25-26th September 2014.

In live coding, the innards of software are exposed and rewired through live, direct, and exploratory use of custom made programming languages. See and for more background.

This symposium will bring new focus to collaborative aspects of live coding, following last year’s Dagstuhl seminar “Collaboration and Learning through Live Coding”.

Day one, on the 25th September, will be a doctoral consortium dedicated to postgraduate students (PhD and masters level), to present work and explore ideas at an early stage. This will be an opportunity to receive feedback from peers, and experienced researchers and practitioners in the field. We encourage a wide range of participation, from those who are simply curious about what live coding might mean for their research, to those who are exploring core live coding research questions. Cultural, psychological, computer science, social, technological, aesthetic, philosophical and other perspectives are all welcome. The workshop will include hands-on activities suitable for all levels, there is no requirement for prior programming experience. Prospective participants will need to submit an extended abstract of 1-2 pages (indicative length), outlining their present research interests.

Day two, on the 26th September, will be a symposium dedicated to the theme of Live Coding and Collaboration. We invite short papers (2-4 pages) and demonstrations (with 1-2 page description) which interweave live coding with such themes as computer supported cooperative work, social computing, network music and laptop ensembles, and social
craft. The day will consist of short papers and demonstrations, with focus on discussion exploring emerging themes.

All submissions will undergo single-blind peer review. All page sizes are indicative length only. Please use a font no smaller than 11pt, and submit in PDF format.

All papers and abstracts should be submitted via Easychair, at

Key dates:

  • Submission deadline: 14th July 2014
  • Notification of acceptance: 25th July 2014
  • Resubmission of accepted papers: 25th August 2014
  • Live coding doctoral consortium: 25th September 2014
  • Live coding and collaboration symposium: 26th September 2014
  • The symposium will lead into the Network Music Festival, which this year will focus on Live Coding performance, and will continue until 28th September.

Please direct any questions to Alex McLean:

This event is a Live Coding Research Network activity funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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