Open Call: ODD7 Live Coding CD Release


ODD7 record label, in collaboration with live coder Shelly Knotts are seeking proposal for live coding tracks for an upcoming CD release. The release aims to showcase the diverse practices of live coding and present a snapshot of the current live coding scene.

If you’re interested in being included in the release please send an email with a short artist statement (200 words max) explaining your live coding practice and a link to an online example of you work (audio or video). Please include this info as an attachment to the email and put ‘ODD7 OPEN CALL’ in the subject line.

The deadline for submitting proposals is: 14th January 2015

The release will consist of a short run of physical audio CDs and tracks available as digital download, plus online documentation including artist statements and some representation of the coding process of the tracks (still working out the best representation of this!). As it is a physical release we are limited to just over 70 minutes of music, provisionally this is likely to be divided into approximately 7 tracks of ca. 10 minutes.

Were also planning to have a release party in July.

Contributing artists will be selected in discussion between the curator and label in line with our curatorial aims.

Regarding the legal bits: Copyright of the final tracks on the release will stay with the artist. ODD7 is a non-profit organisation. Profits of digital downloads will be split 50/50 between artist and label, with the labels share being reinvested in future releases.

Questions and queries can be sent to – please put ‘ODD7 OPEN CALL’ in the subject line!

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