International Conference on Live Coding 2015


The first International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC) call for papers and performances is now fully out, and available on the new conference website. If you’re thinking about submitting a paper, note the availability of markdown as well as Microsoft Word templates; chose the markdown option and your paper will be available on the web as well as for PDF download. If you’re considering proposing a performance, note that ICLC is hosted in a well equipped school of music, e.g. offering multichannel sound and at least one disklavier piano. There’s also a special session working with pianist Anne Veinberg or drummer Paul Hession, and (of course) Algorave club performances.

The conference themes (which are only indicative and not constraining) are reproduced below, the result of a brainstorming session during the doctoral consortium last September.

  • Live coding and the body; tangibility, gesture, embodiment
  • Creative collaboration through live code
  • Live coding in education, teaching and learning
  • Live coding terminology and the cognitive dimensions of notation
  • Live language and interface design
  • CUIs: Code as live user interface
  • Domain specific languages, and the live coding ecosystem
  • Programming language experience design: visualising live process and state in code interfaces
  • Virtuosity, flow, aesthetics and phenomenology of live code
  • Live coding: composition, improvisation or something else?
  • Time in notation, process, and perception
  • Live coding of and inside computer games and virtual reality
  • Live programming languages as art: esoteric and idiosyncratic systems
  • Bugfixing in/as performance
  • Individual expression in shared live coding environments
  • Live coding across the senses and algorithmic synaesthesia
  • Audience research and ethnographies of live coding
  • Live coding without computers
  • Live coding before Live Coding; historical perspectives on live programming languages
  • Heritage, vintage and nostalgia – bringing the past to life with code
  • Live coding in public and in private
  • Cultural processes of live programming language design
  • General purpose live programming languages and live coding operating systems
  • Connecting live coding with ancient arts or crafts practice
  • Live coding and the hacker/maker movement: DIY and hacker aesthetics
  • Critical reflections; diversity in the live coding community
  • The freedom of liveness, and free/open source software

For more info, see the ICLC website.

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