AlgoMech festival, Sheffield, 12-19th November 2016

algomech-2016-twitter-profile-picAlgoMech – the festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement – is coming to Sheffield from the 12th-19th November. It brings together algorithmic and mechanical approaches in the performing arts, through an unlikely programme including clog dancing, embroidery, mechanical techno, and of course live coding.

There will be live coded cellos, lace patterns, Turing machines, missing methods, and dancers, as well as a full-on Algorave, featuring live coders from around the UK, and as far afield as Japan and the US.

The programme is mostly complete on, but there are two open calls; one for the algomech arts-research symposium organised by Thor Magnusson and Chris Kiefer, and one for Open Platform curated by Susanne Palzer. Get involved!

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