Special issue of DANCECULT on algorithmic electronic dance music

Dancecult is an independent, peer-reviewed journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). As Dancecult is open access, you can download and read its archive of writing on EDMC going back to 2009. With increasing visibility of algorithms in dance music, it’s timely that the great Shelly Knotts and Nick Collins will be guest editors of the Winter 2018 issue of Dancecult, and are inviting abstracts on the topic of Algorithmic Electronic Dance Music (using EDM in the widest sense of the phrase), for submission by 23rd March 2017. For those outside of academia, note there are no fees for publication (but also no payment to authors), and that shorter “From the Floor” articles are invited as well as longer Feature articles.

See the full details of the call here, and contact Shelly and/or Nick if you have any questions.

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