Workshop: Introduction to Live Coding – LPM 2017 Amsterdam

Introduction to Live Coding

Introduction to Live Coding | Filippo Guida [IT]
May 20 -21 | 18:00 – 21:00 | HackLab

A beginners introduction to live coding environments for music production: TidalCycles and SuperCollider.
1. Brief history of generative music and its aesthetical relations with live coding and others performing practices releated to software programming. Meanwhile, will be place an assisted installation of required open-source environments (TidalCycles for Atom and SuperCollider IDE).

2. Introduction to Sound Synthesis basic concepts using SuperCollider codes examples, with a strong focus on sample based techniques like Granular Synthesis.

3. Introduction to Algorithmic Composition basic concepts using Live Coding configurations based on SuperCollider: SC+JITLib and SC+TidalCycles.

4. Introduction to OSC basic concepts, and example of network performance configuration (more laptop playing over network sendig messages to a single audio server).

Note: suitable for anyone with a laptop, is not required any programming skill of any kind.


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