A la escucha del código fuente: Una aproximación al live coding en México.

This live coding event is part of the activities of the exhibition Modos de oír: Prácticas de arte y sonido en México. The concert presents pioneers and new live coders of the diverse live coding Mexican scene.

It is possible that live coding in Mexico City started in 2006 with some artistic practices made by mU, a band whose members worked in the Taller de Audio del Centro Multimedia (CMM). Later, between 2010 and 2014, CMM was an epicenter to live coding in Mexico City, during this period many activities around this practice were produced: workshops, audiovisual concerts, informal sessions and three symposia. Since 2014 live coding in Mexico has taken many directions outside the CMM and today it is possible to observe the activity of many live coders in different cities as Morelia, Toluca or Guadalajara and a disapora how spreads to Brazil, Canada, Spain, Germany and Holland.

In this concert 13 live coders will improvise four sets of music and visual live coding:

Libertad Figueroa, Eduardo Meléndez, Emilio Ocelotl + Marianne Teixido (RGGTRN rebajado), José Carlos Hasbun, Rodrigo Frenk + Mitzi Olvera (v0id function), Karen del Valle, Malitzin Cortés, Alejandro Hernández, I. Román, Jaime Lobato y Jaime Jalil.

1st March 2019, 19:30 h. Ex Teresa Arte Actual. Mexico City.


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