Social Distancing Dance Party // Algorave!

Event update: The livestream will be available at sPACYcLOUd Twitch Lounge on April 4th from 12pm-12am EST.

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Tatiana Kolina, founder of sPACYcLOUd and member of the Kennedy Center REACH Culture Caucus, is proud to announce the first REACH live-coding Algorave conference and music festival. Top live-coding artists will come together to teach, collaborate, and perform. The event will create a new frontier in music and art as DC hip-hop artists partner with selected live-coding artists, merging technology-driven music with street art while building a bridge to youth in the local community through fresh, engaging and socially relevant programming. Live coding is a new and exciting movement in electronic music, where artists create and manipulate code during a performance that creates an ever-evolving world of unique sounds and visions, from the soothing to the provocative.

Live coding spans genres and is accessible by design, heavily using free open-source software, and performers often project the code on screen so that audiences can view their craft at work. The Algorave will feature performances by live-coding artists and workshops where audience members can learn to live code using free software and hear artists describe their vision and methods. Algorave is open to all ages–kids are encouraged to come and bring their laptops! “

Our LiveCoding program started in DC at sPACYcLOUd as a weekly event where coders and local music artists have an opportunity to meet, play, and discover new technologies in music and visuals,” says Ms. Kolina. “More people have become interested in the program and we are excited about this opportunity to take it to the next level and have a bigger outreach. The conference and music festival at the REACH at the Kennedy Center will showcase a diverse range of artists using algorithmic tools and processes to show new technological advances. From live coding of visuals and music, to merging different genres, building bridges with youth, showcasing new technologies, this event celebrates technology, creativity, education, and inclusiveness.”

This event was organized by sPACYcLOUd, an incredible space in DC that supports artists and the livecoding community. If you’d like to support them, you can visit their inkind page or purchase a giftcard.


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