Online talk – Vernelle Noel: The algorithm of wire bending

Craft practices, knowledges, and communities are disappearing. These practices carry with them histories and cultures of people, knowledges, and social ties to communities. One of these practices is wire-bending in the Trinidad Carnival, which began in the 1930s. Some reasons for its disappearance include dying practitioners, lacking pedagogy, changing practices, and techno-centric developments. How might we employ algorithms, patterns, and mathematics in the restoration, remediation, and reconfiguration of this practice,
knowledge, and community? In this talk, I share The Bailey-Derek Grammar, a mathematical description of this dying craft which has aided in documentation and transmission of this knowledge.
Vernelle A. A. Noel, Ph.D. is a design scholar, architect, artist, and Director of the Situated Computation + Design Lab.



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