Happy birthday Strudel, and hello version 1.0

Strudel is two years old today 🎂 and not only that, it has at this moment hit version 1.0!

Check out the blog recap (you might need a browser ‘hard refresh’ to see it) from Felix Roos on the last year’s technical (and cultural) development, including new URL (https://strudel.cc/), filter+pitch envelopes and a LOT of other audio engine improvements, sample management, community sharing, editor features, new visualisations, in-code sliders, chord voicings, collaborative editing, better MIDI integration, hydra-in-strudel, strudel-in-hydra, VS code plugin, and installable desktop version.

While catching up on all that, why not listen to the strudel track Morrow by Jade Rose aka Switch Angel, and then head to the showcase for many more top tunes. Congrats to all the contributors and musicians pushing Strudel forward, many happy returns for the day!

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