TOPLAP live streaming event: May 25-26

Watch Streaming Live:

Slot signup/lineup:

TOPLAP will host streaming live coding in May as an ICLC 2024 Satellite Event. In sync with a regional theme of this year’s conference, TOPLAP will highlight live coding in Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and surrounding areas. The signup period will open first to that region, then will open to everyone globally for any remaining open slots.

Panel Discussion – Open Meetup
There will be a panel discussion during the event. Everyone is welcome to join and share their perspective.

  • Topic: live coding in the Asia / Pacific region – an informal discussion on how live coding is happening both locally and in connection with others. 
  • Time: 8 – 9:20 am UTC (Sat. 5/25)
  • Panel: Abhinay Khoparzi, Bernard Gray, Klaudia (aka cloudberry), Rennick Bell, Atsushi Tadokoro, Gohai, Nanditi Khilnani, Naoki Nomoto, Alex McClean

Live Stream

  • Date: May 25 – 26 (Sat – Sun)
  • Time: 4 am UTC (Sat) – 4 am UTC (Sun)
  • 24 Hr stream, 20 min slots (72 total slots)
  • Group slots will be supported, up to 2 hours

Group Slots
Groups slots are a way for live coders to share a longer time period and be creative in presenting their local identity. This works well when a group has a local meeting place and can present their stream together. It can also work if group participants are remote. With a group slot, there is one stream key and time is reserved for a longer period. It gives coders more flexibility. Group slots were successfully used for TOPLAP 20 in Feb. (Karlsruhe, Barcelona, Bogotá, Athens, Slovenia, Berlin, Newcastle, Brasil, etc). A group slot can also be used for 2 or more performers to share a longer time slot for a special presentation.

Group slot requirements:

  • Designated group organizer + email
  • time period requested (in 20 min multiples)
  • group name and location
  • Submit request to TOPLAP Discord (below)

More info and assistance

  • Streaming software: We recommend OBS. Here is our Live Streaming Guide. If you are new to live coding streaming, please read this guide, then install and test your setup well before your slot.
  • Support, questions, discussion and details:

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