International Conference on Live Coding: save the date

The Live Coding Research Network are planning the first International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC), with the dates set for 13-15th July 2015. The call for proposals is being drafted as we speak, with the first scientific and artistic calls released in the next weeks.

ICLC #1 of course follows a long line of excellent live coding research events and festivals, including the Changing Grammars live audio programming symposium in Hamburg 2004, the LOSS Livecode festival in Sheffield 2007, the annual Vivo festivals in Mexico City, from 2012, the live.code.festival in Karlruhe 2013 and the LIVE international workshop on live programming at ICSE in 2013, as well as numerous other concerts, algoraves, conference special sessions, etc. Our aim is that ICLC will prove to be a worthy meeting point for all this activity.

See you in Leeds 2015!

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