Take an instruction for a walk

David-Littler-OO5Inspired by Paul Klee’s conception of drawing as taking a line for a walk, David Littler has a nice online project “A Consequential Calendar for the Curious – taking an instruction for a walk.” It is based on the game of consequences, where each instruction begins with the last word of the previous instruction. The idea seems to be to break out of daily routine through quick interventions, and build up an annual calendar of instructions.

I’m not sure whether this is a kind of (computer-free) live coding, but it is definitely a kind of life coding, a term coined and explored by Martin Howse and Johnathan Kemp of 1010 through durational works. It also reminds of Nick Collin’s paper Live coding of consequence, although I’m not sure if he had the game of consequences in mind. It also brings to mind the short-lived instructionset project I started a while back, which asked for different interpretations of a simple rule.

Littler’s project is part of the Fermynwoods Just Like This project, which includes some other really interesting rule-based works.

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