FLUXOGRAMA#32: Control Your Algorithm by Renick Bell (mix)


I’ve made a 39-minute mix which includes a lot of work by live coders, including some tracks of my own. These people have used live coding in the production of tracks in the mix (alphabetically by first name):

  • Alexandra Cardenas (@tiemposdelruido)
  • Anny (@annyfm)
  • H.AL.I.C. (@lambda_sonic)
  • Mike Hodnick (@kindohm)
  • Norah Lorway (@norahlo)
  • ~ON (@rggtrn)
  • Renick Bell (@renick)
  • Shelly Knotts (@shelly_knotts)
  • Yaxu (@yaxu)

It also has other music composed algorithmically and some music that I feel is aesthetically aligned even though it wasn’t produced algorithmically.

The mix is accompanied by animated artwork by Leander Herzog (@lennyjpg):


The full tracklist is on the SoundCloud page for the mix.


It was great to be able to get so many people to contribute tracks to the mix. I think this mix is a good introduction to the algorave scene as it stands at the beginning of 2016. You can keep up with algorave events here:




If you like this mix, you might also like the mix that I made for the Japan algorave tour which took place in Oct. 2015. It also included many live coders:


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