Survey on live coding audience

Sheffield algoraveLive coding is a quite new and innovative artistic technique, with which is possible to obtain many stunning and complex artifacts. The public participates with enthusiasm and there is a constant dialog between audience members and performers.

An ongoing survey on the live coding audience is online. This survey aims at analyze, among other things, how the people participate in live coding’s event, which are their feelings and why they have chosen to attend such kind of events. It is part of a PhD research on live coding community and your opinion is very important to understand better why this artistic experience is so exciting.

Everyone is very welcome! Please, get to the link and fill in the survey!

Here is the link to the survey page:

Express your opinion!

It would be great to have feedback, advices, opinions or whatever on the survey. If you wish to do that, please feel free to contact me on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at


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