Belisha Beacon in ATTN:Magazine

Belisha Beacon aka Dorien Schampaert has a great interview in ATTN:Magazine about (among other things) her work researching the Ondes Martenot and her journey into live coding and algorave.

“I think there are two things that happen when you try to improvise with code. Every time you live code with your program, you learn more about what things sound like: what works, what doesn’t. You learn to navigate that and you get a bit better at thinking something and immediately typing it and, in that way, adding something to what you’re listening to. It’s always a loop of listening to what you’re doing and adding something else or changing something. That’s the improvisation aspect. But what I really love about live coding is that you can do things that surprise you. You don’t have to know everything about your code to do a fun improvisation. Sometimes you might not be familiar with a sound that’s available, so you type it and add some parameters and go from there. Sometimes it sounds great and sometimes it really doesn’t.”

Belisha’s album This Is Fine is out now on tape and digital on the Fractal Meat label.

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