Live Coding YouTube


Live Coding YouTube is a web based live coding environment (javascript) to retrieve any YouTube video and to organize them for an audiovisual performance. 

Music listening has changed considerably with the emergence of music streaming services, such as Spotify or Youtube. However, did it inspire us to make new experimental music? Live Coding YouTube is a response to the anticipation of new performance practices using streaming media. A live coder uses any available video from YouTube, a video streaming service, as source material to perform an improvised audiovisual piece. The idea of  Live Coding YouTube finds parallels in early experimental music that manipulates magnetic tape and vinyl records. The music recording media inspired experimental musicians to manipulate them to perform music; cutting and pasting magnetic tape, scratching vinyl records, and making dents in compact discs. What else can we do with YouTube videos other than live coding?

Here’s a YouTube link to our performance. 

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