howto_co34pt_liveCode – Resources about how I live code in SuperCollider

I live code as co¥ᄀpt, and for the past couple of months I have been documenting how I live code in SuperCollider. howo_co34pt_liveCode is a set of resources, guides, code and a couple of mini-essays covering why I decided to live code, how and why I live code in SuperCollider and a bunch of samples and code to make doing so quicker and easier.

I made this with the intention of sharing some techniques I’ve acquired/developed over the course of learning how to perform as a live coder, with a particular focus on giving stylistically faithful, applied and modular musical examples.

There’s a github pages site for easy viewing of the documents, or a github repo for downloading the documents alongside all of the samples, setup code and code examples contained within the repo for easy use.

It’s in a mostly finished state right now, but some proofreading needs to be done, which will happen over the coming weeks. I’m going to be updating the repo in line with how my live coding develops, and if you have any suggestions on how to make it better get in touch!

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