fromZero online jam sessions

fromZero (weekly online Estuary jam sessions)
an initiative of the Networked Imagination Laboratory at McMaster University

All are welcome to join these drop-in jam sessions taking place in the Estuary platform for collaboration and learning through live coding. On a regular schedule each week, moderators from the Networked Imagination Laboratory (NIL) will be at each session to offer guidance and assistance.

Q: What will we do? A: Make music and animation together using simple live coding languages in the Estuary browser-based platform (

Q: What do I need to participate? A: A computer with the Chrome, Chromium, or Opera browser installed (other browsers may work, but may not work as well) and basic Internet access. No prior experience is necessary, although people with experience live coding are certainly welcome to join.

Q: How do I sign up? A: To participate, please register at the following Eventbrite page. Note: ignore the date and time on the Eventbrite page – once you register you will be free to attend any of the weekly sessions. You will be sent further information about how to join the sessions after registering.

Q: I only see one date on the Eventbrite sign up? A: The jam sessions run on a weekly schedule and participants are free to attend any of them, to attend different sessions one week than another, etc. Just pick the one available date for registration purposes and everything will be fine.

Q: What if I have other questions? A: Please contact David Ogborn at

Note: Weekly session times are given both in EDT/Hamilton-time and UTC.Participants from all time zones are welcome! Moderation will be conducted in English except where otherwise noted.

Tuesdays 8 PM EDT/Hamilton-time (Wednesdays 0:00 UTC, moderator: Alejandro Franco Briones, this session will be conducted in Spanish).

Wednesdays 10 AM EDT/Hamilton-time (Wednesdays 14:00 UTC, moderator: Alex MacLean)

Thursdays 5 PM EDT/Hamilton-time (Thursdays 21:00 UTC, moderator: David Ogborn)

Fridays 3 PM EDT/Hamilton-time (Fridays 19:00 UTC, moderator: Jessica Rodriguez)

Saturdays 11 AM EDT/Hamilton-time (Saturdays 15:00 UTC, moderator: Luis N. del Angel)

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