TOPLAP on mastodon/the fediverse

TOPLAP Social is a new home for live coding on mastodon, now open for signups! Mastodon is part of the fediverse, works a bit like twitter, but as part of a network of hosts (a bit like email), and runs on free/open source software. The important thing is, it’s not under the control of weirdo billionaires.

If you already have a mastodon (or other fediverse) account that you’re happy with, no need to move — you can follow and interact with all the accounts hosted on TOPLAP social as normal. However if you are on one of the very large instances, you might want to move anyway to enjoy the small community feel!

You can find a growing list of live coding community and project accounts here:

If you don’t already have a fediverse account, or are e.g. looking to move to a friendlier instance, you can get one on TOPLAP social here:

Please do fill out the ‘why do you want to join?’ box. Beginners and imposters are very welcome (as in, if you are worried you might not fit in, please do join!), but to keep some focus we will only accept those showing an interest in or curiosity about live coding.

It might take us a short while to enable your account, while scale things up.

Also, a shout out to these other lovely instances, some of which are taking signups if you fancy a less livecode-specific community!

hope to see you there!

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