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Live coding is spreading everywhere, and the following local groups have declared themselves to be TOPLAP nodes.
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TOPLAP Bogotá, Colombia

Somos una aglomeración de personas, bandas, grupos, narradores, educadores, hackers y creadorxs de software conectadxs a través de la práctica del Livecoding. — We are a cluster of individuals, bands, groups, teachers, storytellers, hackers and software creators connected through the practice of live coding in Bogotá.

Algorave Brasil

We are a Brazilian community dedicated to the study of Live Coding and similar artistic practices. We are musicians, artists, researchers and technologists passionate about creative technology. We aim to exchange knowledge, promote events around livecoding, build cool things and welcome new members of the community.

CLiC – Colectivo de Live Coders, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Somos un espacio de intercambio y producción colectiva (consideramos que el saber es una construcción social comunitaria, y pertenece a la comunidad, no al individuo; cualquier persona puede formar parte del colectivo en tanto tenga ganas y pueda llevar adelante las ideas presentadas en el presente), abierto (toda participación, propuesta, idea, herramienta es bienvenida), cuidado (porque no permitimos comentarios ofensivos o desvalorizantes de ninguna índole; relacionados con el/los géneros, la identidad, la orientación sexual, las capacidades diferentes, apariencia física, tamaño corporal, ni gustos musicales o usos de herramientas de software), horizontal y adhocrático (porque no hay jerarquía, no hay ni habrá dueñxs, ni directorxs, ni maestrxs. Rechazamos los yo-ismos, el egocentrismo y la pedagogía pedante) para abordar, investigar y performar utilizando técnicas y herramientas de livecoding (el objetivo final es poder investigar, aprender, llevar adelante propuestas artísiticas, performáticas, fechas, tocar y disfrutarnos). // LiveCoders Collective Copenhagen (LCCC) is for all things related to Live Coding and algoraving in Denmark! LiveCoders Collective Copenhagen LCCC performances are not bound to one genre only, instead they aim at including and welcoming all influences in a democratic process where every person involved is responsible for the development of the audiovisual composition. It is more than a real-time composition, more than a performance: it is the being-now that makes the artistic product both created and lived in one single pass.

TOPLAP Madrid, Espania

Somos un grupo creciente de personas interesadas en la práctica del live coding de la provincia de Madrid. Únete a nuestro canal de Telegram para estar informade de todas las novedades. Esperamos ir añadiendo pronto otros grupos en diferentes partes de la ciudad.
We are a growing group of interested people about live coding in the region of Madrid, Spain. Join us through our Telegram group to keep up with all the news. We expect other sub nodes to appear in different parts of the city soon.

NL_CL (Netherlands Coding Live)

Netherlands Coding Live aka “NL_CL” ~ A series of live coding sessions, discussions, workshops and a lot more organized by live coders based in The Netherlands. Want to help out or organise something? Feel free to get in touch via mail, mastodon or instagram. Active throughout the Netherlands (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague).

Creative Code Club, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Creative Code Club is an informal and inclusive space for exploring creative coding, and all levels of experience are very welcome, including complete beginners. Bring a laptop and some headphones if you can, or just yourself if you can’t. Initiated in February 2023, we meet bi-weekly at The NewBridge Project, an artist-led space that supports artists, curators and communities through the provision of space for creative practice, curatorial opportunities and an artist-led programme of events. In these sessions, we discuss creative coding cultures and practices, and try out beginner friendly programming languages for making music and video, and share what we’ve made. Free and open to all! – just drop in. You don’t need to attend each session like a course. All levels of experience welcome! Check the link for dates, times and location, or email for more info.

Kolektiv, Prague, Czech Republic

Kolektiv is an international open group of artists working in the realm of algorithmic visuals and electronic music who follow in the tradition of live coding, an art form based on the artist writing a code for their performance in real time, creating instruments generating sound or image right in front of the audience. The occasional members of the group are Alexandra Timpau, Michal Cáb, Katarína Gatialová, GND, Alexandra Cihanska-Machova, Kryštof Pešek, Jáchym Pešek, Jiří Rouš, Georgij Bagdasarov, Sara Pinheiro, Petr Zábrodský, Matěj Šenkyřík, Jonáš Svatoš. However, with each performance the group’s composition varies featuring between five up to twelve performers.

TOPLAP Slovenia

We are small group of livecoding enthusiasts in a small country on the sunny side of the alps. We started in 2023 and hope to esteblish a good community of diverse livecoders.

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