2nd International Conference on Live Coding – CFP

ICLC-Website-LogoPlanning for the 2nd International Conference on Live Coding, (ICLC, pronounced ick-lick) is advancing, and the full call for papers and performances is out. ICLC is bucking the usual trend by moving the deadline earlier than previously announced, to the 4th April 2016, to help with the chances of the conference getting funds to support travel of delegates.

It’s an academic conference but those without academic affiliations are very much encouraged to submit performances or papers. To translate the terms for the non-institutionalised.. A ‘paper’ is a written submission where you give a talk on the same subject at the conference. A ‘short paper’ is the same but.. shorter, and you probably will get a slightly shorter slot for your talk too. A ‘poster’ is similar to a short paper but instead of a talk you actually make a poster with some text and imagery that represents your work, and stand in front of it talking about it to a few people at a time.. These take place in poster sessions with lots of posters and people walking around taking them in, and can be a nice way to discuss your work with lots of people, getting feedback on a one-to-one basis. Alternatively you can propose a ‘demo’ which works similarly to a poster but where you have something hands on for someone to try.. If you need a bit of space for an installation or something for your demo, this can possibly be arranged in a side room or similar. Finally a ‘workshop’ is where you talk through your work in depth with a group of people, probably taking them through some technology or idea in a hands-on fashion. You can look at last year’s conference website for examples of papers, performances and workshops.

The conference is “single blind peer reviewed” which means that you will get feedback on your submission from several anonymous people experienced in the live coding field. Even if your submission isn’t accepted, this feedback can be really helpful in taking your work forward.

Hope to see you in Hamilton!

Full call for proposals.

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