Live coding + Video feedback at Buenos Aires

On January 30th, we (ika g + Cyberdelia) were invited to participate in an event called Mareo de Invocación in which artists of different disciplines converge.
Both teams performed simultaneously mashing up two different worlds, Analog + Digital. The analog and visual part was in charge of Cyberdelia a duo of visual artists who created lysergic landscapes using a technique called video feedback (introduced in early 1960s by artists such as Nam June Paik or Steina and Woody Vasulka), while the digital and musical part was in charge of ika gyacgis a duo of programmers who wrote music using the Tidal language and Rivulet, an experimental musical pattern language written in Ruby (in the making).

These are some pictures of the event

12625925_1532764957022207_505142555_n 12650355_1532764900355546_1253319337_n 12650740_1532764880355548_97628724_n _DSC178212670152_814912741946310_6320908349264366758_n 12729265_814912661946318_117251881864582523_n _DSC1825 _DSC1822 _DSC1820 _DSC1811 _DSC1803 _DSC1795 _DSC1794

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