Metarythmes, Montréal – ‘migration1’

OBORO, STUDIO XX and TOPLAP are supporting ‘Metarythmes’ a series of meetings to collaborate and explore around the concepts ‘live and rhythm’ through non conventional vocabularies.

First ‘Metarythmes’ jam will be next 21 June, 19h at OBORO in Montréal.

Participants include:

Stephanie Castonguay – Experimenting with low-fi electronics and audio circuit devices. Exploring the traces left by physical phenomena and materiality through kinetic installations and sound. – 

Rodrigo Velasco (yecto) – Exploring visual – sound interrelations through improvised live coding. –

Charles Bicari (Vieux Néant) – Juxtaposing live sound treatment with electronic music to summon ceremonial trans.

Marije Baalman – Artist and researcher/developer based in Amsterdam – working with sound, code, light and interaction.

AVX Lab (VJ BunBun) – projection design for visual mapping, live event production and interactive installations.

Olivier Landry-Gagnon – Using a modular synthesizers system, the artist blends into the machine and extracts a frequent human movement.

Here is the event link

Hope to see you there!

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