Algorave Pittsburgh

Join Us for the first official Algorave in Pittsburgh September 16th, 2017!


Lil Data [PC Music, London] – One of the forces behind the future-pop music collective PC Music, Lil Data is a master of blending dance-friendly concepts with cerebrally coded complexity.

Calum Gunn [Conditional, London] – Calum is a UK based musician and head of Conditional Records who explores the outer edges of algorithmic dance music. 

Kindohm [Conditional, MPLS] – Kindohm is the Minneapolis based live-coding master. He is a staple in the ever-expanding art form and has recently performed internationally at festivals and Algoraves alike. 

BLÆRG [Mozyk, MPLS] – “10 years in, and splatterbreaks are still interesting” Real-time improvised loop manipulations: psychedelic beatscapes.

Spednar [Cosmic Sound, Pitt] – Live coded broken beats and amen fodder for your viewing pleasure. Twisting experimental concepts juxtaposed with rhythmic undertones.


Char Stiles – Char is a recent graduate of CMU whose work explores the concepts of human-computer relations with regard for activism and collaboration. Some of her previous projects can be found here. She has recently begun live coding as an extension of her previous digital exploration.

REW – Rachel Wagner is a Pittsburgh based visualist and videographer with a sensibility for lush and ethereal textures. Her work provokes a sense of childlike exploration surrounding the delicate pairing between auditory and visual output.

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