For ChaosZoneTV 2021, we bring a full held in a VR space, where everybody can join from any screen or headset. Put on your favorite avatar and come dance, talk, make music, and spend time with other live coders and interested people from around the world. Come experience an Algorave in this RC3, ChaosZone TV special edition, hosted by Toplap Berlin in our Virtual Reality Hub.


An algorave is an event where people dance to music generated from algorithms, often using live coding techniques. Algoraves can include a range of styles, including a complex form of minimal techno. The movement has been described as a meeting point of hacker philosophy, geek culture, and clubbing. At an algorave, the computer musician/visualist may not be the main point of focus for the audience. Instead, the attention may be centered on a screen that displays live coding, which is the process of writing source code, so the audience can not just dance or listen to the music and visuals generated by the source code but also see the programming process.


Networking technologies have expanded our capacity for imagination, creation, and sharing. Live coding and Virtual Reality’s development have been nurtured by networked worldwide communities that share an interest in questioning the status quo of reality by challenging social and artistic paradigms. Both communities started a much natural collaboration in times of global lockdown that allowed live coders worldwide to share a virtual common space, offering a new dimension of social networking to the Algorave experience. 


Toplap Berlin, founded in 2013, is the meeting point for all things Live Coding Berlin. Inspired by our city’s legendary electronic music and programming scenes, Toplap promotes intersections for artists, scientists, and technologists through art.


Toplap Berlin VR Hub is a virtual space created in Mozilla Hubs, opened to the public on 18.07.2020 to host Algoraves, live coding sessions, meetings, talks, and workshops, both locally and globally. Modeled by architect and digital artist @CNDSD, this space flirts with the architecture of Teufelsberg and becomes a dream, an oniric area in an alternate Berlin. 


Hubs is a VR chatroom designed for every headset and browser, but it is also an open-source project that explores how communication in mixed reality can come to life. You can access the Hub without a Virtual Reality headset, just from any screen, and it’s a great way to bring communities together in a shared virtual space.


For this Algorave, we will have live coders from around the world. In the spirit of inclusion and diversity that characterizes the Algorave, we will welcome artists from different backgrounds and experiences, giving space to all the community to participate. The live coding community will keep the streaming running and moderate the room, ensuring a safe and fun experience. 

When you participate at the Algorave, please follow the Algorave Code of Conduct, whether as an assistant or performer.



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