New York City (US) – Regen Circuit

A LiveCode.NYC Residency at the Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

More info here:

Open to the public April 28th – May 14th
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11am-4:45 pm

Regen Circuit is an art and tech exhibition featuring LiveCode.NYC, a social group and artist collective dedicated to live coding. During their residency at the Harvestworks Art and Technology Building, members will host performances, conduct workshops and presentations, and showcase art. Installation, video, sculpture, and more will be on display. Regen Circuit aims to bring people together to celebrate the art of live coding while creating moments to connect and reflect on the efforts and visions of people in our community. To get involved and more information, contact Melody Loveless (

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