Algorave Istanbul

Code Meets Music ! Algorave Istanbul is organizing its 16th event this time at Alan Kadıköy Istanbul.

Date & Time: January 19th 2024, 21:00

Line Up:

İdil Acim:

Born in Istanbul, artist Idil Aim initiated her music career with synthesizer programming and sound design. After releasing her first album “Ezop” under the Lin Records label in 2021, she continued her career by publishing singles in the genres of dark ambient, synthwave, and experimental music. Her journey in live coding contributes to both her academic and music career through Algorave performances. Acim goes beyond music, incorporating current artificial intelligence in her visual designs, working on sound-reactive visual designs. She possesses an innovative approach that shapes her artistic understanding by bridging electronic music with modern technology.

Katran w/ Zaza La Loca;

The duo, who have returned to Istanbul, collaborates within the scope of Algorave Istanbul, combining music and visual arts under the stage names Katran and Zaza La Loca. Their works reflect their personal aesthetics using FoxDot and TouchDesigner.

Their first performance, “Exordium,” took place at Sonar Istanbul 2021, and they continued to perform at venues such as Şahika, Karga, Arkaoda in Istanbul, and Tatwerk in Berlin. Their journey continues in the field of theater, where they also co-founded the Eksi On Altı Kolektif, working on music and digital visual design/mapping in theater.

Baramuk w/Uzak;

Baramuk is an artist known for techno and drum ‘n’ bass performances in the live coding scene. With a deep connection to classical music, Baramuk shapes his music by coding a unique techno approach, blending his rich musical experiences with melodic structures and groovy rhythms. He creates an immersive and emotionally resonant experience for his listeners.

Uzak is an artist based in Istanbul who produces noise-based works. The  performances, curated for Baramuk, consists of images generated using generative artificial intelligence. The artist processes these images in real-time, distributing them in three-dimensional space to create structures resembling kinetic sculptures. The images they create become interactive with sound through the simultaneous analysis of music.

Kerem Altaylar;

Kerem Altaylar is a researcher, musician, drummer, and sound programmer with a focus on theory, algorithmic music, soundscape studies, and creative technologies. He holds a master’s degree from the music department of Istanbul Technical University and is currently pursuing his doctorate in the same department. Exploring the creative possibilities of technology, Altaylar combines his musical and technical skills to engage in both practical production and academic research in his field.

His style can be described as a wild mix incorporating rhythmic symmetry, distortion aesthetics, neo-folk influences, ambient soundscapes, and polyphony. He has released two EPs that embody this description under his now inactive record label “Extremophile.”


RAW is an avant-garde live coding duo comprised of Selçuk ARTUT and Alp TUĞAN, known for creating experimental Audio-Visual Performances. Their shows involve not only pre-programmed interactive visual elements but also instant, improvisational live coding to shape sound compositions. Performing at various Electronic Music and Media events in different cities such as Berlin, Tokyo, London, Helsinki, Istanbul, Vienna, Belgrade, RAW presents an on-stage audio-visual performance created in real-time, with top cameras and code views projected on large screens.

The resulting visual and auditory experience navigates through improvisational forms, exploring noise, electronic, techno, minimal, and ambient aesthetics. Their ability to seamlessly blend different genres and experiment with sound has garnered them a dedicated following among both music enthusiasts and critics. RAW’s performances are known for pushing the boundaries of conventional electronic music, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience for their audience.


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