Generative Degenerate: Bombay Edition

Generative Degenerate is a month long tour of Algorave India across multiple cities to celebrate the birth of the collective six years ago.

📅 – 10th May

⏰ – 7:30PM 🔛

📍 – Harkat Studios Get Directions

Myles will click his mouse and clack a keyboard to make AV things happen with Max/MSP and TouchDesigner.

Sourya Sen returns to working with DIY code and electronics, performing an improvised set with a handheld AV synth of his own design, the N8IR.

PhilterSoup Brings a large dose of hardware along with a prototype synth with more than enough voltage to fire up every dancing shoe in your closet.

Spiralynk brings down his MAX/MSP based audio visual that focuses on changing electromagnetic fields detected, amplified and recorded with bespoke devices

Farah and Khoparzi will play with custom sound tools built in Reaktor and Max/MSP generating soundscapes with granular synthesis and machine learning algorithms tickled by repetitive envelopes, LFOs and pose estimation of movements across the space.

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