Mercury Live Coding Workshop

Join this crash-course into the exciting world of live coding music. No previous knowledge of programming required, only a desire to express yourself creatively! During this workshop you will learn to create electronic music with computercode and algorithms! For this we use the programming language Mercury. You will program the instructions and the computer will translate that to music in a wide range of genres. You can adjust the code in real time while the music is playing and hear it change. Welcome to the world of Live Coding! At the end of the workshop you have been introduced to technologies used in electronic music production and you will have experienced what it means to use algorithms for composing music.

🔧 Requirements

Ages: 16+

Skills: no programming or musical experience required!

Equipment: Bring your own laptop and headphones (Optional: Mercury can send MIDI, so you can bring a synth and midi-soundcard and control it through the code!)

System requirements:
– Mac 10.11+ / Windows 10 / Linux:
– Intel Core i5 processor (or faster recommended)
– 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
– Chromium based browser (eg. Brave, Arc, Google Chrome)


Language: English/Dutch (depending on the participants)

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