TidalCycles Meetup #2: feat. CNDSD + Ivan Abreu, kindohm and MrReason – May 8/9

**TidalCycles Meetup #2**

Following on from the runaway success of Meetup #1, comes The Sequel!

Once again, hosted by RTylerMclaughlin aka The Nicest Guy on The Internet
and featuring presentations by the Inspirational:
* cortesana.malinali aka **CNDSD** + Ivan Abreu :: [BIO](https://club.tidalcycles.org/t/tidalcycles-meetup-2-feat-cndsd-ivan-abreu-kindohm-and-mrreason-may-8-9/3101/2)
* kindohm aka **Mike Hodnick** :: [BIO](https://club.tidalcycles.org/t/tidalcycles-meetup-2-feat-cndsd-ivan-abreu-kindohm-and-mrreason-may-8-9/3101/3)
* mrreason aka **Thomas Grund** :: [BIO](https://club.tidalcycles.org/t/tidalcycles-meetup-2-feat-cndsd-ivan-abreu-kindohm-and-mrreason-may-8-9/3101/4)

There will also be a Show and Tell component for all attendees to (voluntarily) take a minute or so to share projects they are working on/excited about :slight_smile:

If you are interested in/planning to attend, please register via the following form:

Please check out the thread on TidalCycles Club for any updates:


Hope to see you there!

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