Total Latency Art – (Live coding research concert)

Total latency art is an experimental overseas concert between Paguyuban Algorave Indonesia and Netherlands Coding LiveTogether we will explore the concept of Latency with tools and approaches that live coders have developed along the course of their careers to damp, improve or give new paths for the understanding of time in a digital context.
Curation: Craig Latta
Location: Online by Paguyuban Algorave Indonesia and NetherlandsCodingLive

Participants from Paguyuban Algorave Indonesia:
Maria Maya Aristya
Louis Bertrand Marcellino Harijanto
Rangga Purnama Aji
Risman Firmansyah
Ali Azca

Participants from NL_CL:
Sebastian Pappalardo
Giovanni Muzio
Francesco Corvi
Robert van Heumen
Roald van Dillewijn

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